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When creating merchandise for Lakeview Assembly, Pastor Matt and Emily Stevenson wanted to incorporate the prophetic word that was spoken over our church by Tommy Tenney:
“Surfers study the predictive analysis of how weather patterns affect wave size. They will jump on a plane and fly anywhere that weathermen predict that there will be good waves. They will travel anywhere from Florida to Fiji just to 'catch' a good wave. I feel that you need to tell your church that another wave is coming. Get the surfboards out of storage!"

As a church body, we are standing in agreement that this wave of God is coming and from this prophetic word, an idea was born. This t-shirt is symbolic of God's Spirit on the move. For those who haven't attended our church and heard the prophetic word, they can scan the QR code on the back of our "Ride the Wave" t-shirts to learn how they can catch and ride the wave of God with us!

Interested in hearing the prophetic word? Watch the video here!


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